Wun­derkind | Website

Client: Wun­derkind 
Dis­ci­pline: Art Direc­tion / Brand­ing / UXD Design

A new cre­ative iden­ti­ty comes at a time of strong devel­op­ment for WUNDERKIND. As a most inspir­ing brand in the fash­ion are­na, redefin­ing what it means to be a mod­ern woman today, was the aim to cre­ate a new mod­ern brand­ing, fol­lowed by new Web­site & Mobile Solu­tion. There­fore a under­stat­ed and sexy Cam­paign was shot by by Harley Weir and styled by Vanes­sa Reid.Harley’s lens brings a youth­ful­ness and touch of cool to the oth­er­wise sophis­ti­cat­ed brand.


Pho­tographed by Harley Weir styled by Vanes­sa Reid
Cod­ed by Kris Borg­erink

200422 01 WK Teaser200422 01 WK Teaser
200422 03 WK Web App200422 03 WK Web App
200422 04 WK editorial200422 04 WK editorial
200422 05 WK Mobile App200422 05 WK Mobile App
200422 06 WK Mobile Store200422 06 WK Mobile Store
200422 07 WK Mobile Checkout200422 07 WK Mobile Checkout
200422 08 WK Desktop Store200422 08 WK Desktop Store
200422 10 WK Log In200422 10 WK Log In