Greentech Festival | Art Direction 
Client: Greentech Festival
Discipline: Art Direction, Campaign, Branding, Signage
Art Direction: Marcel Lunkwitz
Creative Direction: Kathrin Schiebler
Photography: …

The first GREENTECH FESTIVAL was held under the motto “Celebrate Change”: for three days we celebrated change with the world’s best green pioneers, more than 60 exhibitors with groundbreaking technologies and tens of thousands of enthusiastic visitors. For this festival we did the branding, campaign and equipment signage for the exhibition and conference. Thanks to: Gmund, Gil und Weingärtner GmbH, Pape & Schürmann Kommunikation GmbH
01 GTF Cover01 GTF Cover
02 GTF Hall02 GTF Hall
04 Work Flyer04 Work Flyer
05 Poster05 Poster
05 Urban Poster05 Urban Poster
06 We Do Animation06 We Do Animation
07 Festival Signage07 Festival Signage
09 Festival Signage Flag09 Festival Signage Flag
10 Festival Stuff Badge10 Festival Stuff Badge